Wild Sea

The Wild Sea, also known as the Storm Sea, and the Merrhuin is the body of water that once lay between the Isle of Men and the Isle of Mer. It extends from the southern point of Arumthar up to the Knives of Rallah, and contains Ahlonia Isle and the Drifting Isles and feeds the mouth of the Bair of Suiren. Since the Sundering the Wild Sea has been plagued by violent and senseless storms that seem almost to rise up from its surface. Its currents can change in an instant and generally it is considered unnavigable. Violent storms tear chunks out of the coast of Arumthar and old Sigard while moving islands of shattered earth borne aloft on foaming seas are often smashed violently to pieces against coastal cliffs.

Where the Shattered Empire, the Knives of Rallah and Ahlonia Isle meet are the calmer and altogether safer Straits of Hanna, also known as Irik's Causeway. Ships occasionally ply these waters with goods to and from Barvenham in Ahlonia to Tohl Caldare or Tohl Dannis, or even Karshome and Port Sadare. More commonly traffic moves long the coast, just clear of the tidal currents that would run them aground, carrying goods between Ralstaa and throughout the Shattered Empire region.

Legend tells of the guardian of the Isle of Men, or of floating island-vessels that house the last of the Nofo, or of the Sea-Divhi Gruna inhabiting this expanse of tumultuous water, but more terrifying still the Mhulak of Sirenfell claim that a massive rift now lies where the Isle of Men once was, and the the currents suggest that it is slowly sucking the world around it in.