William Hawthorn

William Hawthorn is somewhat of a mystery to the people of the Isle, especially those of Highdunn. In the first place he is an ordained High Prelate of the Church of the Dioune, and a blessed member of the council of High Prelates, and even a former dean of the Great Basilica of Southaven, but in the second he serves the post of national religious leader to an unrecognised nation seen to be nothing more than a haven for bandits and revolutionaries, and his mere presence seems to justify the boarders of Maethas in the eyes of the Dioune. As a result most men seem torn between obedient adoration and bloody retribution in his presence, and this has begun to weigh upon the hefty but devout High Prelate.


Remarkably young with consideration of the positions he has held, Hawthorn is in his forty-first year of life. He is a man of normal height, but is slightly rotund and narrow shouldered, his build speaks of a lifestyle lived in Southaven that simply cannot be sustained at Doraust. He has particularly large, rough hands with hairy knuckles and his dark hair and beard frame large placid eyes. His mouth is small, bow like and red, and the overall effect is paternal and a little comical. However Hawthorn speaks with such eloquence and intelligence that he undermines those who would chuckle at him. Painfully aware of his new situation he dresses and lives according to his new station and makes a point of outwardly displaying his piety and devotion as often as possible, keeping his crown clean shaven and his clerical robes simple and unadorned. His weight has begun to sag, and hang from him in fleshy rolls rather than remain plump and firm as his diet adjusts, and William is very aware of the change in his diet.


Both a charitable, pious and politically savvy individual, Hawthorn certainly has no desire to live out his life as High Prelate of Maethas, but he also recognizes the importance of the position, both to his own career and to the people who eke out a living on the Maethean Arm. Hawthorn wants to spend a few years here doing good, and helping his fellow man, before returning in glory to a clerical retirement in Southaven, and so he has the impassioned energy of a man who knows that his time is finite. As a result Hawthorn has devoted himself to establishing charitable missions, and to smuggling goods and skilled healers and scribes into his household and redistributing these into charitable mission houses throughout the township around Dourast. Thus far the armies of Highdunn have not felt the need to harass the High Prelate’s enormous imports, and in doing so risk conflict with Southaven, but it’s no secret that these goods do not end up solely in the hands of Hawthorn, and there must only be so much blatant backing of the rebel nation that Eldin Reise will tolerate.


Hawthorn, like all career churchmen, was the son of a long line of priests. His father reached the position of Prelate of Katrenburrough, where William was raised, but at a young age he was sent to a small college in Southaven for his training. Inducted into the Order of the Living Heart, Hawthorn excelled in the treatment of all kinds of disease and malady, and became very mobile, moving all over Highdunn under the direct supervision of the order, wherever he was needed, with a large staff at his disposal. Much admired, Hawthorn saved countless lives with his ministrations. However he was absent from the politics of Southaven and largely unschooled in churchcraft, so it came as something of a surprise when the man was named Prelate of the order. Returning home, and accepting the role with tentative awkwardness Hawthorn was able to become an able administrator. Just as he was getting comfortable in his offices however Hawthorn was again uprooted by the church, sent to aid the peoples of Maethas, who were starving and suffering. Going again into the field he stayed in Doraust for several years, suffering harsh recriminations from all sides for seemingly endorsing the rebel barony. When he requested that he be returned home to retire his office he was visited personally by Saemon Talabren, with a message from the Grand High Prelate, granting him permission to retire the prelacy of the Order of the Living Heart, but also naming him the first High Prelate of Maethas. Hawthorn has received no instructions since, and is struggling with what to do in this office.


William Hawthorn has never been a well connected man, and now he is almost completely cut off. He has a small staff who manage his prelacy and help him minister to the people of Doraust. All of these are drawn from his old staff in the Order of the Living Heart, and are headed by his second from the order, a young priest named Beneth. Aside from this staff, and a small body of people whose lives have been bettered by the church's charity however Hawthorn is largely ignored by the powers of Maethas, be it the insular Black Baron or bullying Derrowmere. Eldin Reise is certainly not a friend to the eminent High Prelate, but he has not gone far to declare himself an enemy either.


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Character Traits

The Rogue Prelacy (2)

Southaven has been outspoken that they do not recognize Maethas as a nation, and yet they have sent a High Prelate to minister to its people, and even Hawthorn doesn't seem to know quite what to make of it. He has no authority, and little respect is afforded him by his own people, or those of Highdunn. In truth his mere presence seems to be the most the High Prelate of Maethas can achieve.