Wood Town

The creatively named Wood Town is one of the most pleasant places to live in all of Nasis. Built in a clearing at the heart of the central taiga, this tight cluster of log stilt-houses is sheltered by the trees that surround it, both from the cruel winds, and the sleet they bring with them, and from the worst of the cold. And as well as this boon, the town also enjoys large game and lumber the year round. Only a half-day overland travel from the highway joining Tarm and Vor Ushta, the folk of Wood Town find it easy to sell their lumber and furs to passing travellers, or even to take them to one of the two great cities.

Region: The Hallowedland, Nardaan
Total Population: 1,230 approx.
Tech. Level: 4
Major Industry:
Major Religions: One True Faith

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