Yar Dorash

The goblyn town of Yar Dorash has been erected just outside of Doraust as a trade post. When the Black Baron and his rebels first arrived on the Arm the goblyns attacked them, but after several disastrous battles against the tough landsmen veterans the goblyns left them alone. The watched as the men built their keep and settled in the ruinous lands even they had little use for, and then, cautiously, they made contact. Awed by the men’s ability to breed the enormous goats that they assumed were the sole dominion of the giants, creatures that the goblyns of the roughlandssaw only as a predator and foe, they quickly began to trade with the mean, and as a result Yar Dorash grew.

Region: Ahlonia, Maethas
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Today Yar Dorash is less than a decade old, but already teems with goblyns. There are a few large adobe buildings build around a large central square, but between these skin tents are pegged into the soft walls and as a result the town houses more than triple the number of Goblyns than the number of structures might suggest. The goblyns have set up a small forge and smelter in the center of the settlement and also begun to dig out the beginnings of a quarry from the hillside that Yar Dorash back onto. The ore and metal that these Goblyns produce could one day make the men of Maethas very wealthy if they can survive long enough.

Roughlands goblyns are not given to banding in groups much larger than family units, and so the town is led by a council of three or four goblyn Elders, but their spokesperson and chief negotiator Sundun of the Parched Rock Tribe has quickly become fluent in the landsmen’s language, and even to the residents of Yar-Dorash he is the face of the ruling regime. The Parched Rock themselves are not based in Yar Dorash, rather they come from further inland up the giantspines, but it seems likely that they will relocate their territory here if the Noi can be dealt with.

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