Yurgish Sect

The faith of the goblyns of the Talthak is administered by the Yurga, and collectively they are known as the Yurgish Sect. The Yurgish sect concentrates on having Yurga, shamanistic priests, placate the divh on the behalf of an individual, and banish the evil spirits that surround him so that he may prosper, and not be held back by the anger of the divh, or fall victim to their vast powers. Yurga focus very much on the divh as raw natural forces who must be appeased rather than overseeing powers who offer reward for a life well live. In fact, thought it does not claim that such a thing does not exist, the Yurgish faith makes no specific reference to an afterlife at all. What matters is what is happening in this world now, and how spiritual forces can be used to hinder ones foes, and how to escape such hindrances.

The Yurgish Pantheon

The Yurga teach of the existence of the three divh who govern the world, each represents one facet of life; destruction, creation and balance. Creation is embodied in the mountain-divh Jarvish, destruction by the sea-monster Gunagha-Cusanga, also known as the devourer of infant-flesh, and balance is maintained by the forest-divh Sudvhaki. The powers of these divh need to be invoked or abjured as they become too great a force in the life of an individual, or when they are desired. When warriors go to battle they call a Yurga to invoke Gunagha-Cusanga to bring death and destruction to their enemies, a new mother might call for Jarvish's blessing upon her child, or a wounded goblyn might call upon the powers of Sudvhaki to restore his strength. Any of these thins can be facilitated by a ritual performed by a Yurga. In addition a Yurga might cast his knuckle bones over an individual to determine whether or not there is an imbalance in these forces in an individual's life, and if so perform rites to correct this.

In addition the Yurga believe that weak, vengeful spirits exist in the world, that jealously wish nothing but ill upon the living. When an individual is vulnerable or in a state of imbalance these spirits flock to him and attach themselves, and bring him bad fortune and ruin. Yurga can perform rituals to purge the presence of these spirits and thus change an individual's fortunes for the better. Some Yurga, for a price, will also conjure such spirits to bring about ill fortune against an enemy.


The Yurga are the goblyn devotees of the Yurgish Sect on Ahlonia. Yurga are spiritual individuals amongst the warlike Talthak and Roughlands goblyns, it is their job to appease the goblyn divh for their tribe so that normal goblyns can go about their business unmolested by the anger and demands of the divh. As such the Yurga are usually very important, as they are tasked solely with averting doom. As a result Rasch Pachak's Yurga Pogum has made many goblyns extremely uncormfotrable. Yurga perform their task in two steps, first they must divine what the divh want, which they do by casting knuckle-bones inscribed with ancient runic images and then reading how they lie, and then they must adhere to the demands of their divh. While most Yurga engage in complicated arcane rituals their powers are preventative rather than active, however some cunning Karv through history have used their Yurgas divination abilities to try to predict the future, even reading the bones for an individual in an emulation of landsmen palmistry.

The Yurga hold no secular rank, but are seen as much respected and wise professionals in the goblyn society. In return for generous gifts the Yurga perform secret rituals to appease the divh or to banish evil spirits that might plague an individual or his family. The Yurga pass their wisdom to the goblyns without cost, and can often be found in advisory positions to Karv and other powerful individuals. Most Yurga have a body of four or five apprentices, also wise in the ways to the divh, but not privy to the Yurgish Secrets, as the rituals of the Yurga are known.


While there are few limitations placed upon Yurga in terms of their conduct there is one extremely important stricture placed upon them. All Yurga must be male, and no Yurga may eat meat, instead they are fed upon a mixture of milk and blood from birth, and this will be their staple diet for life. Should dead flesh ever pass their lips they must embark on a pilgrimage of penance identified by the casting of the bones in order to regain their powers.


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Teachings and Scripture

The Yurgish tradition in an oral one, and thus if a single Yurga lacks any knowledge all his apprentices will lack that knowledge also, and it is likely that the Yurga of Talthak will never recover the powers that they once had. In the heart of the Giantspines there is a cliff face with cryptic pictographs carved all over it, held as the place where the earliest and wisest Yurga depicted the Yurgish Secrets, but these are so cryptic and vague that some knowledge of the secrets is required to begin to make sense of them. It is the concept of the three forces of destruction, creation and balance are the core of the world and the presence of cursing spirits that form the core of Yurgish teachings, not the endorsement of any specific kind of behavior.

The Afterlife